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Our added value

ARECO provides personalized solutions to all customers’ needs in all industries. In addition to fresh foods, the Areco’s technology is also applicable to industrial humidification, biscuits, wine storage, alcohols, cheese, disinfecting services and signage. Regarding fresh products, diffusers are optimized to ensure 100% display coverage and save hundreds of dollars per year in water and electricity consumption. Our patented cooling system can also lower the ambient temperature by up to 4 deg C.


Innovation at the heart of our development

We provide the most advanced nebulization technology. Since the company’s creation, more than three million dollars have been invested in Research and Development.


We offer our customers a 99% reliability rate of our machines thanks to quality materials and our recommended service contracts.

100% Organic

We do not use chemical products during regular use nor during daily hygiene procedures. We have created our own patented disinfection process: Thermosure® thermal shock. ARECO also provides Allianz insurance against all possible bacteria risks.

Lowest consumption on the market

Our machines consume up to 4 times less electricity and 2 times less water compared to our competition.

Unmatched performance

Disinfection application: we developed a bioremediation system that operates in CTA machines (air handling units) and disseminates the biocide dynamics. This procedure decontaminates the entire area and the entire duct system. The cycles are plotted on recorders 21CFR part 11.
Humidification application: our diffusers are optimized to ensure 100% display coverage and our exclusive patented cooling system lowers the ambient temperature by up to 4 deg C. We use a dual breakdown: one for the fog and one for cooling the machines. We have also developed an adjustable system so that cycle control times, ventilation and nebulization power can be modified to meet all customers’ and products’ needs.

Our CSR policy:

We put people and the environment at the heart of our development by :

  • Improving the hygiene, freshness and natural quality of fresh products.
  • Accompanying and guiding our clients every step of the way to help them have the best quality products and improve their sales.

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