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History of ARECO

The headquarters of the Company Areco®, built in 2009..

ARECO is a French company specializing in the conservation of fresh products. Focusing on innovation, ARECO is a leader in nebulization in Europe and has several subsidiaries and distributors worldwide. In France, the company provides solutions in the following areas: diffusion costs, cheese, wine making, industrial solutions and disinfection.

History of ARECO

In 1998, Michel Gschwind founded the company, Air Refreshing Control, to utilize a new technology originally designed to cool the passenger compartment of a vehicle: nebulization. Developed by a private research center, IMRA Europe (Toyota Group), this technology creates extremely fine droplets  (water, perfume or biocide) via a piezoelectric system to obtain a cold vapor (95% of the droplets have a diameter less than 5 microns). After evaluating several potential applications, Mr. Gschwind had the idea to use this technology to replace conventional humidification systems present in the food industry.

The origins

After several years of development, the success was immediate. Nebulization of fresh products in supermarkets was the overall idea, and they found it possible to optimize the preservation of products in all sections (cheese, produce, seafood and meat) with remarkable efficiency. A meeting in 2003 with Benoit Rey accelerated the development of the company. They industrialized production and established an operational organization to live up to those promises.

With these successes, they multiplied applications into different fields such as disinfection and industrial humidification.


Even today, ARECO actively seeks new applications tailored to the needs of each product (wine, cheese, biscuits…) or by the installation location (basement, warehouse, shop window…). These new technological feats are made possible through a major investment in the research and development team, but also through the close collaboration between the group’s design offices and those of its customers, constantly innovating and optimizing the final product.

An innovative company

Finally, with the emergence of a new digital 3.0 power mode, the company capitalized on its innovative project management experiences to pave the way for applications connected to the outlet. It promises to develop in the short term a series of connected devices that will allow customers to boost their sales spaces.

1998 – 2000

The Areco® Group was founded in 1998. First tests with Prosol on applying humidification in the produce section. Machine was developed

2000 – 2002

First patent acquired. The beginning of service and maintenance company, AGEFI. Began working with Prosol. Received Jean-Jacques Matern Trophy.

2002 – 2004

Began working with Provenc’Halles. Export began working in Chile.

2004 – 2006

Development of humidification application for seafood displays. Began working with Casino and Atac.

2006 – 2008

Development disinfection application by airway surfaces. Began working with Intermarche. Export began working in Belgium. Received the Sipec Trophy in technological innovation.

2008 – 2010

Development of traditional humidification application. Began working with Leclerc and Monoprix. Export began working in Portugal and Spain. Created the Thermosure thermal shock technology. Received the Classe Export Trophy.

2010 – 2012

Development of remote control monitoring. Started the business signage. Development of new distributing methods. Referencing System U. Export began working in Brazil, Russia and the United States. Received the Regional INPI Innovation Trophy and Performance Trophy for overall business.

2012 – 2014

Development of new models of eco-friendly fogging machines. Began working with Carrefour. Launch of CSR project. Received CSA and NSF certifications in the USA for the OD_V7 and OD_V7+.

2014 – 2016

Launch of first eco-designed and connected machine, Nebuleco®. Export began working in Canada. Received trophy for the best CSR approach.

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