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Who are we?

Who are we? Located in Grasse, France, ARECO was created in 1998 to exploit a technology developed by a private research center, IMRA Europe (Toyota Group). This technology, nebulization, breaks up liquid (water, perfume or biocide) via a piezoelectric system to get an extremely fine mist (95% of the droplets have a diameter less than 5 microns).

Mr. Michel Gschwind and Mr. Benoit Rey, co-managers ARECO®.

ARECO is divided into 3 key areas of expertise

Nebulization, Service, and Numerique. ARECO is constantly innovating and is currently seen as a leader in the field of nebulization to propose solutions for hypermarkets, multi-specialists, the food industry and industrial groups from all sectors. Due to its numerous benefits, ARECO has decided to expand into other applications such as pharmaceuticals, plastics, wine, etc.

In early 2011, the company began searching for new ideas for medium and large displays. Here, the dynamic display was born. This system allows customers to connect final customers to the products through the use of tablets or interactive kiosks. This can help in the development and marketing of fresh products.

An advanced diffusion

The company strives to offer its customers reliable and sustainable solutions in a timely manner. ARECO also offers installation and maintenance solutions to ensure the best quality service.

ARECO is a leader in nebulization across Europe and has several distributors across the world. It also has two subsidiaries one in the United States and another in Brazil and is continuing to increase exports, especially to North America.

Nebulization at the heart of our business

ARECO is currently the leader in nebulization in fresh foods sections and in the disinfection fields. We use cold vapor made of water particles or biocide to create the freshest atmosphere. This highly innovative technology has many benefits in terms of conservation, preservation of products, decontamination of cleanrooms and energy savings. ARECO has acquired several patents allowing it to optimize the efficiency of its solutions by maximizing the potential of its technology.

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114 Chemin de Saint-Marc
06130 Grasse

+33 (0) 493 700 591