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ARECO puts innovation at the heart of its development.

Due to our 15 years of experience in the development of efficient machinery for the conservation of fresh products, we can identify and remain competitive to the market developments. Every technical characteristic of ARECO’s installation, including the carbon footprint, facility security, design, compliance and connectivity, is studied with great care for maximum efficiency and unparalleled user comfort.

Breakdown of investments

Mechanical design, mechatronics, eco-design
Ultrasound physical
Software development
Thermodynamics, Aerodynamics

With major investments in R&D, ARECO is able to offer its customers continuous innovation in terms of technology, design, remote management and distribution of information. In the internal laboratory, ARECO brings together amultidisciplinary team made up of specialists from all areas of study. In addition, ARECO has numerous partnerships with universities and research centers (IRSTEA, CTIFL, EB, ENSIA, University of Nice, University of Chambery, etc.) that keep ARECO up to date on the latest innovations for nebulization and ahead of competitors.

ARECO has received several trophies for their innovation. ARECO also benefits from the financial support of BPI France. ARECO is lucky enough to offer its customers innovative technologies and services through the help of talented individuals and lasting partnerships.

ARECO Nebulization through the years

A concrete example of success in terms of research and development.

A new generation UltraConnected

ARECO’s new type of nebulization system, Nebuleco®, can now be controlled directly from your smartphone. Adapt your nebulizer according to your products by controlling the cold vapor diffused in your display. Configure and program the operational times of the system with unprecedented simplicity.

  • Compatible with Android smartphones and tablets
  • Plug and Play
  • Low consumption
  • Reliable remote connection
  • Modularity
  • Mobile

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