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Nebulization of Fresh Products

ARECO nebulization is an innovative and natural solution to improve the performance and optimization of fresh food departments.

Nebulization of fresh products uses a fog composed of micro-droplets of pure, filtered water. This extremely fine cold vapor moisturizes and enhances the fresh products by improving their fresh appearance.

The major advantages of ARECO nebulization for supermarkets and hypermarkets:

  • ARECO nebulization makes products more aesthetically appealing to consumers by giving them an incomparable freshness.
  • ARECO guarantees innovative and eco-friendly technology with preventative hygiene measures. ARECO nebulizers meet international standards such as UL/CSA, CE, NFS, RoHS and ISO 9000/11.
  • Our newest technology on the market is Nebuleco®, an ecologic product that better connects customers to the products. This is the smallest diffuser on the market and can be controlled directly form a smartphone. The operation schedules and misting controls can be directly regulated with unprecedented ease using the Nebuleco®. With this new type of machine, you will save over 30% in water and electricity utilities.
  • We guarantee customer satisfaction. ARECO puts the customer first by proposing reliable and effective solutions and adapting to all of their needs.

Satisfied Customers

Customers using our customized nebulization technology across all applications agree on the following advantages :

  • maintains the fresh appearance of products,
  • extends shelf life and reduces waste,
  • time savings on time spent repackaging (30 minutes to 1 hour),
  • Increase in turnover
  • Improved satisfaction of customers due to conditions of hygiene and product safety.


A few of our supportive clients include:  

Wegmans, Prosol, Carrefour, Intermarche, Systeme U…

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