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Industrial Humidification

ARECO is a pioneer and leader in industrial humidification through their nebulization technology. The company has vast experience and expertise in industrial fogging and particularly in the following areas:

  • Humidification for textiles
  • Clean rooms
  • ATEX zones (Atmosphere Explosives)

We offer all of our clients a tailor-made offer to suit all of their humidification needs. We will create a humidity controlled system corresponding to all of your humidity requirements.

The engineers assure you ARECO will provide a successful integration of the humidification system. We look to integrate our technology into OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) depending on your particular application including:

  • Disinfecting public places
  • Atmosphere simulation
  • Automotive
  • Refrigerated display
  • Humidor

And also…

We have been considering other industrial humidification solutions such as the diffusion of perfumes and deodorants. We can broadcast a variety of specific odors in large volumes with small diffusers, to distribute them sleekly and efficiently.

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