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Cooling Plates

Freshness at your fingertips

ARECO’s cooling plates are a contact cooling solution, without dry air flow, ideal for your fresh products. This refreshment slows down the natural degradation of the products.

The setting up of our plates is very simple: the plates are positioned on your shelf, new or existing. We install the cooling unit that feeds the plates under the shelf.

The cooling plates can be installed in addition to the nebulization system, which allows to: decrease the temperature on and above the shelf, to maintain an ideal humidity and to slow down the natural degradation of the products.

The advantages of cooling plates

  • Island or wall shelf of Fruits and vegetables
  • Neutral fish counter
  • Shelf already nebulized or not
  • Plug and Play or static system
  • Ease of installation, use and maintenance
  • Standard or Custom size
  • Integration on already existing shelf
  • Maintaining the cold chain
  • Reducing product weight loss
  • Better product presentation and extended exhibition lifecycle
  • Decreasing product losses
  • No dry air flow

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