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The performance of use

ARECO, a pioneering and innovative company, offers its customers a new sustainable economic model in line with its CSR approach: the economy of functionality.

Since 2013, ARECO has been included in the Club Cap EF (reflects performance of use) that brings together business leaders and networks of economic and public actors that hope to build the sustainable economy of tomorrow.

The performance of use

This new economic model involves the substitution of the sale of a product (nebulization machine) with the sale of the use of it (performance of a refrigerated display). Product value does not lie in one’s possession but in its function and therefore in the benefits that the customer receives from its use in response to one’s need.


The performance of a refrigerated display

ARECO is dedicated to the proper preservation and proper use of agro-food products and fresh produce. The aim is to improve the aesthetic appeal of fresh produce, promote consumption, improve conservation and minimize waste.

To carry out this mission, ARECO offers a comprehensive solution using its products: improved conservation and freshness, training of technical personnel, display product information, propose recipes for cooking, etc.

By offering a comprehensive solution for freshness, ARECO encourages final customers to increase their consumption of fresh products instead of processed foods. This results in positive environmental impacts such as the reduction of food waste in stores and with final customers through the distribution of information on product use (conservation recommendations, recipes, etc.).

We are working to create a new service-based offering that will include the provision of equipment, updating machines with the latest developments and maintenance. The goal is that our customers have an immediate return on investment compared to other misting systems which take several months.

The economy of the future is a revolution in the economic model of traditional sales, a sustainable innovation delivering real environmental social benefit to all parties.

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