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ARECO has been committed to CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) since 2012 to ensure balanced and sustainable growth.

ARECO has adopted and used the CSR approach for 3 years and seen numerous benefits in the local economy and the social and environmental impact. All employees, resources, suppliers and partners have been working to achieve the satisfaction of all its stakeholders. New governance, new business models and new eco-designed products were created to satisfy the environmental and social recommendations of the CSR approach.

Make an appointment now with your CSR manager and create an action plan for the long term.

« CSR is a company’s improvement. It absolutely affects all company departments. This is a great technological and financial revolution. But above all a revolution in mentality because CSR is in no way incompatible with the growth of a company. CSR has helped reinvent our business. »

— Benoît Rey, Co-manager.


Strive to purchase products locally where the machine is sold.

Select providers based on CSR criteria.


Each employee contributes to the CSR of the company through collaborative innovation and autonomy, and benefits through our wellness program.

Corporate Office

Construction of “low-energy” building which adapts the thermostat to the exterior climate, uses recycled rainwater and controls utilities based on occupancy.


All products are eco-designed. The generators are the most economic resource on the market. 100% natural disinfection. In compliance with UL and NSF standards.


Recycled use of products (circular economy). Sorting, recycling, efficient manufacturing.


Anxious to meet their needs, we develop: collaborative projects, products with improved performance for customers (CSR) and innovative economic models.

Recognized efforts

In 2015, the trophy for the best CSR initiative was awarded to ARECO by the Supreme Council of the Order of Chartered Accountants.

In 2014, ARECO won the trophy for the best National CSR and RSE06 SMEs Trophy.

ARECO manufactures all of its machines in France and creates lasting partnerships with suppliers that share the same ideals.

ARECO strives to purchase products local to where the machine is sold to ensure the development of the local economy.

ARECO’s nebulization technology drastically reduces waste and helps save the planet’s resources, compares to existing humidification systems.

Nevertheless, the company goes further in search of new solutions to minimize the carbon footprint generated by its manufacturing operations, transportation and the use of our systems by customers.

The corporate office building, built in 2010 was created with low energy consumption. Employees are working daily to design more energy-saving machinery.

Investments in Research and Development have led to the development of our latest environmentally-friendly machine, Nebuleco, which can decrease water and electricity consumption by 30%.

ARECO uses the CSR approach to introduce better working conditions for its employees in the workplace and the benefits they receive. This approach allows all employees to be fully involved.

ARECO, a pioneering and innovative company, offers its customers a new sustainable economic model in line with its CSR company policy: the economy of functionality.

Focusing on these four criteria and considering the stakeholders’ expectations of the company’s life (customers, employees, shareholders, suppliers, public authorities, politicians, civil society), ARECO focuses on its economic and environmental implications to ensure proper development.

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